A Complete list of Datamo’s Data Fields

The following is a complete list of data fields that Datamo provides. Subscription tiers determine the parameters that you can filter data by. Your subscription tier does not affect the data that you can request.

Angle of Approach (degrees)angleOfApproach
Angle of Departure (degrees)angleOfDeparture
Body TypebodyType
Camshaft Engine TypecamType
Car ClassificationcarClassification
Cargo CapacitycargoCapacity
Charge TimechargeTime
Available Colors for the ExteriorcolorsExterior
Available Colors for the InteriorcolorsInterior
Cargo capacity (cu ft)cargoCapacity
Comfort Features Availablecomfort
Convenience Featuresconvenience
Country of OrigincountryOfOrigin
Curb weight (lbs)curbWeight
Engine Cylinder Amountcylinders
Date AddeddateAdded
Domestic or ImporteddomesticOrImported
Door FeaturesdoorFeatures
Door Amountdoors
Drag Coefficient (cd)dragCoefficient
Drive TypedriveType
Engine size (l)engineSize
Engine typeengineType
EPA interior volume (cu ft)interiorVolume
EPA City MPGempgeCity
EPA Electricity Range (mi)eRange
EPA Highway MPGempgeHighway
EPA KWh/100 MienergyConsumption
EPA Time To Charge Battery (At 240V) (hr)chargeTime
Expert Rating ComfortexpertRatingComfort
Expert Rating DrivingexpertRatingDriving
Expert Rating EconomyexpertRatingEconomy
Expert Rating InteriorexpertRatingInterior
Expert Rating StorageexpertRatingStorage
Expert Rating TechnologyexpertRatingTechnology
Expert Rating ValueexpertRatingValue
Expert Rating VerdictexpertRatingVerdict
Expert Rating WildcardexpertRatingWildcard
Exterior OptionsexteriorOptions
Front Head Room (in)frontHeadRoom
Front Hip Room (in)frontHipRoom
Front Leg Room (in)frontLegRoom
Front Shoulder Room (in)frontShoulderRoom
Front Seat DescriptionfrontSeats
Front Track (in)frontTrack
Fuel tank capacity (gal)fuelTankCapacity
Fuel TypefuelType
Gross weight (lbs)grossWeight
Ground Clearance(in)groundClearance
Height (in)height
Horsepower (HP)horsepower
Horsepower RPMhorsepowerRPM
In-Car Entertainment DescriptioninCarEntertainment
Instrumentation Descriptioninstrumentation
Interior OptionsinteriorOptions
Length (in)length
Maximum cargo capacity (cu ft)maxCargoCapacity
Maximum payload (lbs)maxPayload
Maximum Towing CapacitymaxTowingCapacity
Mechanical OptionsmechanicalOptions
Memorized SettingsmemorizedSettings
MPG City HighwaympgCityHighway
MPG CombinedmpgCombined
MPGe CitympgeCity
MPGe CombinedmpgeCombined
MPGe HighwaympgeHighway
Old Images URLoldImagesURL
Old SuspensionoldSuspension
Old TrimoldTrim
Old Trim DescriptionoldTrimDescription
Package Descriptionpackages
Platform CodeplatformCode
Power FeaturespowerFeatures
Range City/Highway (miles)rangeCityHighway
Rear Head Room (in)rearHeadRoom
Rear Hip Room (in)rearHipRoom
Rear Shoulder Room (in)rearShoulderRoom
Rear Leg RoomrearLegRoom
Rear Seat DescriptionrearSeats
Rear Track (in)rearTrack
Reviews – FullreviewFull
Review 1review1
Review 2review2
Review 3review3
Review 4review4
Review ConsreviewCons
Review Image URLreviewImageURL
Review Overall RatingreviewOverallRating
Review ProsreviewPros
Review Source JSONreviewSourceJSON
Review Source URLreviewSourceURL
Review – New FeaturesreviewWhatsNew
Roof and GlassroofAndGlass
Safety FeaturessafetyFeatures
Scorecard ComfortscorecardComfort
Scorecard DrivingscorecardDriving
Scorecard InteriorscorecardInterior
Scorecard OverallscorecardOverall
Scorecard TechnologyscorecardTechnology
Scorecard UtilityscorecardUtility
Tires and WheelstiresAndWheels
Torque (ft-lbs)torque
Torque RPMtorqueRPM
Towing and HaulingtowingAndHauling
Total SeatingtotalSeating
Trim (description)trim
Truck FeaturestruckFeatures
Turning Circle (ft)turningCircle
Valve TimingvalveTiming
Warranty BasicwarrantyBasic
Warranty DrivetrainwarrantyDrivetrain
Warranty EV BatterywarrantyEvBattery
Warranty Free MaintenancewarrantyFreeMaintenance
Warranty Hybrid ComponentwarrantyHybridComponent
Warranty RoadsidewarrantyRoadside
Warranty RustwarrantyRust
Wheelbase (in)wheelbase
Width (in)width

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Looking for more information? Head to our RapidAPI page.

Looking for more information? Head to our RapidAPI page.